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New single, ‘That Spell,’ out now!

Hey everyone! I am excited to announce the title track off of my upcoming album, That Spell, is out in the world today! ‘That Spell’ was written late one winter’s night out of the frustration of the world around me. #metoo was a well established movement but I wasn’t seeing the change in my own life or the world in the ways I wanted to. There are layers to the experiences of oppression but I wanted to speak to anyone who has been subjected to inequality. This is an ironically happy sounding song that plays into the narrator’s need to fake smiles, play nice, and not offend- but by the end of the first chorus they put their foot down and do what feels right to their true self.

New single, ‘Don’t Talk,’ out now!

“I’ve always wanted to cover The Beach Boys in a way that pays homage to the brilliance of Bryan Wilson’s songwriting and arranging. ‘Don’t Talk’ seemed like a great opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the classic ‘Pet Sounds’ track. My brother and I were excited to reinvent the song- we kept the vocal simple to maintain the focus on the great lyrics and accented the beautiful melody with David’s lush piano and string arrangements. Hopefully this track becomes apart of your summer playlist! Thanks for listening.”

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New album “That Spell” Coming August 6!

“Hey everyone! I am so thrilled to finally announce that my new album, That Spell will be released on August 6th on Fantasy Records.

That Spell began in the late winter of 2020 as I wrote songs about my life, childhood, and issues around me. As the world slowly shut down, I decided to write the rest of the record and take my time in the studio since there was nothing else I could do. Making this record was a joy and a great way to maintain sanity as my friends and family came together weekly to play music, chat about the collective stress we all felt, and eat a lot of pizza. I can’t wait for you all to hear this album!

To celebrate, here is the video for my new single, Water Flowing Downward!