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Song For Mel

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Album Description

I was writing a potential tv placement last December and my plan was to watch an episode or two of the show on Netflix to understand the characters, but I actually ended up watching the entire show in one weekend. It was winter in Nebraska though so I can’t really be blamed.

“Song for Mel” is from the perspective of a character whose life has not gone the way she expected. Not only does she have to plan a new life, but learn how to be present in her existing one. Since this happens to be the unexpected theme of 2020 for myself and many others, I figured I would release this timely song now. Hopefully, it can be an encouragement in these tough times. Thanks for listening 🙂


Song For Mel

Album Credits

Andrea von Kampen – Vocals & Guitar

Music and lyrics by Andrea von Kampen.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Fleege at Silver Street in Ashland, NE